It’s fair to say that we all saw our fair share of truly bad movies in 2017. From The
Book of Henry and The Bye Bye Man to Fifty Shades Darker and King Arthur:
Legend of the Sword, there were plenty of films that failed to work on any level and fully justified the hate they got.

But there was another subset of bad movies out there that weren’t entirely irredeemably. Despite all of their flaws – of which there were many – they did offer a brief glimmer of hope in
the shape of a standout performance from one of their stars.

They say that a good performance can make or break a movie
and while it’s fair to say that these star turns didn’t exactly grant their
movies immunity from flopping at the box office,
they certainly made watching these movies more bearable.

It just so happens that the context made those performances seem all the more tragic, since there’s no way they would have been seen as many times as they deserved. And frankly, how easy is it to enjoy a good meal in a pigsty?

May all your future films be
less terrible, guys…

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