Delving into the weird and wonderful world of film fan
theories can be a wild ride. Much like the movies that spawn them, they range
from the brilliant to the awful and from the perfectly logical to making about
as much sense as Donald Trump being elected US President.

We’re probably all aware of the bigger, more established fan
theories like the ‘Pixar Connected Universe’ theory or that Stanley Kubrick’s
The Shining is supposedly his apology for helping NASA fake the 1969 moon
landing but even movies released just this year haven’t escaped the clutches of
zealous movie fans looking to finder deeper meaning by over-analysing every
scene and theme in their new favourite movies.

Some of the fan theories spawned this year have been pretty
ridiculous and already proven false, others are slightly more plausible and
might even prove true.

Either way, they’re all fun to indulge: read on for
2017’s best fan theories.

This might seem a moot theory since GOTG 2 already gave us
Mantis’ backstory – that’s she’s an orphan found by Ego while still in her
larvae stage, raised by him into adulthood and kept around because her empathic
abilities allow him to get some much-needed shut-eye – but bear with us.

We know that Ego spent his life traversing the universe
impregnating women left, right and centre in order to breed a kid with the
Celestial gene needed to put into motion his plans for intergalactic
domination. What if Mantis was one of the many love-children he left scattered
across the cosmos and avoided the same fate (i.e. death) endured by his other
non-Celestial kids because he had a use for her via her empathic powers?

Seeing as Avengers: Infinity War is as crammed with
superheroes as it could be, it’s unlikely we’ll see this theory proved wrong or
right anytime soon but perhaps a Luke and Leia style twist is headed our way
when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is released in 2020. Hope fully without the
twincest kiss, though.

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