Having to wait for what feels like several ice ages between seasons is part and parcel of a TV junky’s life. Game of Thrones fans have it particularly rough these days, considering their next scheduled trip to Westeros is set for 2019.

Any series worth its salt makes the gap between runs almost unbearable by hitting viewers with a massive cliffhanger. Remember when Breaking Bad’s mid-season finale brought the curtain down with Hank Schrader discovering Walter White’s dark secret? The concluding episodes couldn’t arrive soon enough.

Some of the best ongoing shows have attempted to leave the audience with a similar sense of burning anticipation for what comes next, whether signing off for a mid-series break or wrapping up the latest season entirely, but the good news is that many of them are returning in 2018 and have set their comeback dates in stone.

Cliffhangers will be resolved, unanswered questions will hopefully be addressed and character arcs should pick up right where they left off when these gems return to the small screen during the next 12 months.

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