Paul London Gene Snitsky

There are a multitude of reasons why the Royal Rumble is an annual favourite of most wrestling fans, but the meat and potatoes of the 30-man war are often overlooked in place of all eyes turning to the entrance ramp as the clock counts down to zero every 90 seconds or so.

From the spectacular to the silly and almost everything in between, the ostensibly simple act of exiting the ring over the top rope has never been so complex. Wrestlers are suddenly wrapped around one another in corners in an apparent struggle to haul out an opponent of similar stature, but the 2018 contenders should probably just reminisce on some of these efforts to reduce their workrate this year.

Underrated as a danger zone amongst the caged fury of an Elimination Chamber or metal mayhem of a Ladder Match, the Royal Rumble can be a painful night for talents taking the tumble. Taka Michinoku rather infamously suffered a concussion from an unofficial elimination by the Big Boss Man in 2000 after smashing his head on the floor.

The invading Kai-En-Tai star wasn’t even in the actual match that year, and endured endless bullying from Jerry Lawler on commentary as a result of the darkly amusing splat. At least these exciting ejections were authorised exits.

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