How close should a comic book adaptation stick to the source material? A fierce debate has raged around this question since superheroes first made the jump from the page to the screen, and it has taken on a new level of prevalence since the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its DC counterpart conquered Hollywood.

Some fans are firm in their belief that movies should never deviate from the comics. To so much as tweak the colour scheme of a character’s costume, in their eyes, is sacrilege of the highest order. Others are more flexible, accepting that adaptations, by their very nature, involve alterations to tailor the property for a new medium.

In reality, source material deviations are unavoidable. What works on the page wouldn’t necessarily work on the big screen, often because of special effects limitations or simply because it would look too corny rendered in live action.

Where the film franchise unofficially known as the DC Extended Universe is concerned, Warner Bros and its creative teams have exercised their right to deconstruct the iconic superheroes and villains at their disposal, and while not all of the changes have been a resounding success, some were for the best.

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