The Joker
DC Comics

Imagine a place of magic, wonder, power, hope, and freedom. Congratulations: that space exists between the pages of glossy, multi-colored paper.

Superhero comics are where dreams take tights-wearing form. A place where Gods can come down, demons can be beaten by songs, and men can fly. It’s a wondrous place… that tends to look the same after awhile. How many men can fly, and are invincible, and can shoot beams out of their eyes? How many magical women from foreign, mysterious lands are there?

This isn’t due to pure laziness though – it’s due to something much worse. It’s the fault of plagiarism. Yeah, see, while comic books seem to be the perfect place to let your imagination go wild, a lot of creators go, “Nah, sounds too hard,” and merely copy other people’s heroes, change some things, and call it a day. You’d think this might just apply to older, B-list characters you’ve never heard of but no, huge, blockbuster-movie making superheroes are rip-offs too.

From Marvel, DC and beyond, here are the characters that are nowhere near as original as they might seem…