Comic books are a lot like candy: just when you think you’ve tried every variety of gum and gobstopper available and can’t cram any more, Willy Wonka brings out something new to satiate those tastebuds.

But what’s even better than being given something new and unknown? Taking something familiar and giving it a twist so it feels fresh, but with the same tastes and themes that made us love it first time around.

Sometimes the addition of a new artist or writer on a series can have a revolutionary impact on its popularity; sometimes all it takes is the right story-arc to inject a new level of intrigue into the equation.

Here, we’ve taken a look back at the comics of 2017 that did best in developing their titular characters; among those included sit long-standing heavyweights of the comic multiverse, while others made more substantial leaps from chump to champ in twelve issues (or less).

As if it needs saying for a countdown based on some of last year’s biggest hits: Spoilers ahoy.

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