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DC Comics

As far as debates go, they don’t get any hotter, or more hotly contested, than comic book couples. The medium has been home to dozens of iconic relationships over the years, and while most have ended in tragedy on account of that ever-pesky refrigerator syndrome, there are certain items fans have come to cherish greatly in DC and Marvel’s shared history.

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Peter Parker and Mary Jane, Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer – those are the kind of names that invoke the unique kind of adoration only couples of that stature can. There are other pairings, however, that never garnered that same reaction, whether it be because they arrived from an ill-conceived (or atrociously outdated) storyline, or because a deviation from the norm proved to be a little too much for certain fans to accept.

Ships are the name of the game these days, and while no one wants to see writers restrained in trying something new, it’s understandable why some fans get so miffed off when they’ve invested heavily in a given relationship, especially when what replaces it is nowhere near close to what they’ve come to expect from past storylines.

It’s one thing to forever hold your peace, but when it comes to comics, it’s clear that some couples should just remain apart.

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