Game of Thrones started off as a popular book series before morphing into a television show that – statistically – every person on Earth has seen. It’s one of the most beloved and popular shows to ever exist, and helped prove that the television was a good invention.

If God came down and tried to make a better show, he literally could not. Unfortunately, like all things, Game of Thrones is ending. So what are people to do with their lives after? Just move on? Winter will have come and gone, but people will inevitably clamour for more.

Thankfully, though, there are more fantasy series where Game of Thrones came from. All one needs do is turn to their nearest bookstore and peruse the shelves of the fantasy section. Because there are many more series that are just as interesting, scary, sexy, and deadly as the book series where everyone keeps dying.

However, instead of wasting your time trying to sift through all of the books, here are the fantasy series that would be the perfect replacement for Westeros, Dragons, the Undead, and brother-sister sex. You’re welcome.

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