American Pie
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You’ve all been there. You’re sat with your family watch a perfectly enjoyable movie when all of a sudden it’s inconsiderate enough to insert a sex scene; heavy petting leads to all-out nudity, creating a overall air of awkwardness. Even the most chilled person can find themselves struggling when watching really racy films with parents; heavy drug use, graphic violence, explicit sex or a cocktail of all three can make the whole experience a little uncomfortable.

In reality it’s all a bit of fuss over nothing – your parents were, after all, young once and are aware of what’s out there in the world – but when the previously snappily dressed couple are suddenly at it like rabbits that thought doesn’t really go through your mind. It gives age ratings, traditionally there to protect the vulnerable from unsuitable material, a whole other use; they’re descriptive enough that you can tell whether the film you’re about to watch has any nasty surprises coming up.

Of course, unless you go through the highly spoilerific guide the likes of the BBFC and MPAA produce, it’s only ever a vague idea and not a perfect solution. In an attempt to help you out, here are ten of the most inappropriate films you could ever sit down and watch with your parents.

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