The dialogue still reverberates around the subconscious of those old enough to remember the countless injuries WWE superstars recounted to stop fans attempting random acts of violence on one another. Kurt Angle thought he’d broke his tailbone. Rikishi dislocated his right shoulder. Chris Benoit ruptured a disc which fragmented into his spinal column.

They were some of the worst bumps, bruises and breaks sustained by roster members during the ferocious frenzy of the Attitude Era, but none of those came with a visual so utterly horrendous that it made you reconsider watching something as insane as professional wrestling ever again.

An obvious disclaimer perhaps, but these moments are strictly for ghoulish pleasure. Wrestling is an endeavour in which a fan should never see a performer get hurt, yet particularly gruesome injuries are predictably difficult to look away from.

January 2018 alone has contributed some of the greatest moments and matches in wrestling history, affording ample opportunity to pay tribute to professional wrestling at its most beautiful. These are bloody and brutal snatches of the industry’s ugliest side.

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