The sheer amount of influence that comic books have had on pop culture over the last several decades is undeniable. Countless films and television shows based on comic book characters have dominated cinema discourse for years now, with the vast majority proving to be financial successes as well.

Naturally, most of these adaptations are based on properties from either Marvel or DC Comics (they’re called the big two for a reason, after all.) And some of their most iconic characters have been given the big screen and small screen treatments (some several times over), which has only made them that much more popular than they already were.

However, every once in a while, something interesting happens. Sometimes, one of these many adaptations gives life to a brand-new character, one that resonates with fans and/or creators in such a way that the two biggest comic book companies in the world have no choice but to bring them to their own pages themselves.

After all, when you license your fictional worlds to countless creative writers and artists, they’re bound to build on them in some way.

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