Isn’t it about time that developers wise up to the fact we’re no longer living in the industry’s equivalent of the Dark Ages? Granted, change is a slow process, but it’s hardly asking the world to expect a modicum of progress to have been made in bringing interactive storytelling and game design up to 21st century standards.

Yet here we are, berating our most beloved and respected creators for taking the easy route, content to fall back on worn-out cliches that drag down otherwise modern advancements in the medium.

We’re all big boys and girls now, formulaic boss battles with weak points as subtle as an eardrum-bursting foghorn just ain’t going to cut it anymore. The same goes for mass-produced heroes suffering from nasty bouts of amnesia, misplaced stealth missions and borderline torturous fetch quests – they’re tired, boring cliches that need chucking on a barge and shipped off never to be seen again.

It’d be foolish to expect wide-reaching changes overnight, but baby steps – that’s all it takes to prove that you know we’re not stuck in a time bubble circa the 1990s.

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