Iconic video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto created the Legend of Zelda series as an ode to his childhood in Kyoto, Japan, during which he would spend his free time exploring the local fields, woods and caves in search of hidden secrets.

From the humble NES original to the Nintendo Switch bestseller Breath of the Wild, the joys of unbridled exploration have always been the heart of the franchise, and the untold secrets the world of Hyrule conceals is what keeps players coming back.

The world of Zelda plays host to dark dungeons, vast caves, towering mountains and dense forests, all of which are teeming with hidden bonuses just waiting to be unearthed, and fans have been making it their mission to find every one of them since pointy-eared Link made his debut during the 8-bit era.

Technological advancements across the hardware generations have helped Nintendo make more sophisticated Zelda games, set against richer backdrops that are difficult to chart in their entirety, but that hasn’t stopped determined players from trying to map out every square inch of Hyrule in all of its incarnations.

Where a series so vast is concerned, few players have managed to unlock all of its secrets, and here are the pick of the ones you probably missed.

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