If you thought Captain America: Civil War was a big deal, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Anthony and Joe Russo’s incoming cosmic juggernaut Avengers: Infinity War promises to dwarf the superhero showdown with a character roster that almost reads like a who’s who of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy and numerous other allies when the Mad Titan and his Black Order threatens Earth. Even supporting characters from the previous films, like Happy Hogan and Okoye, will be out in force.

Despite reports that Infinity War includes over 76 characters, there are glaring omissions from its lineup. A few of the MCU’s major players are missing in action, while others won’t join the fight until next year’s mysteriously untitled Avengers 4.

On top of the list of confirmed characters and absentees, a handful more are rumoured to be making shock cameos. Reports have tipped everyone from Liv Tyler’s Betty Ross to the Red Skull to make surprise appearances, and while neither of those seems likely, they haven’t been officially ruled out.

Perhaps most surprising of all, though, are the major characters who Marvel could have included that won’t be playing any part in the battle against Thanos.

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