It goes without saying that moviemaking is not a straightforward process.

It requires years of hard work, dedication and creative thinking, and even then, it’s nearly impossible to get every single tiny detail right, which can result in an obvious blunder making its way onto the screen.

Usually, these blunders are pure accidents – with long hours and a million factors to consider, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks – but sometimes, those “mistakes” you notice while watching movies might not be mistakes at all, and have instead been put there deliberately as a result of a kink in the creative process, or just to give fans a cool easter egg to discuss.

At face value, these filmmakers and their crews have made simple errors that don’t entirely ruin their movies, but might take viewers out of the experience a little, or distract them for a few minutes.

But digging a little deeper, these “mistakes” all have sound explanations behind them, and were only left in to ensure that the movie was as good and as entertaining as it could possibly be.

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