Anyone who keeps up-to-date on horror movie news may have recently seen a trailer for the upcoming Deep Blue Sea 2.

The arrival of this trailer is likely to have inspired two successive reactions: 1) wow, I didn’t know they were making a Deep Blue Sea sequel; and 2) wow, I really don’t know why they bothered.

Within the first thirty seconds or less, it’s screamingly obvious that this alleged Deep Blue Sea sequel is in truth a thinly veiled remake of the 1999 super-shark thriller. At no point does it make reference to the events of the first film; rather, it replays the same key steps almost beat-for-beat, with misguided scientists creating intelligent sharks in a laboratory miles out at sea, then paying the price when the sharks strike back.

Given that it’s replaying the same concept but clearly on a lower budget, meaning it can’t offer anything close to the spectacle of Renny Harlin’s film, it all rather begs the question: why? Who is this film for? Who wants to see a cut-price retread of something that’s already been done bigger and better?

Alas, it seems there must be a market for such films, as there are a ton of them in the direct-to-DVD market, cashing in on bankable titles from big screen hits, and churning out semi-official sequels made for a fraction of the money.

If you’ve never heard of any of them, no one can think any less of you.

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