The upcoming year in cinema is sure to be a massive one. With entries from storied franchises such as Star Wars and Marvel, a great many long-anticipated blockbusters are now mere months away. And as with any highly anticipated film in our instant-news, digital era, these films have tried their best to keep a tight lid on any and all potential spoilers.

Inevitably, someone, somewhere is bound to slip up and reveal perhaps just a bit more than they meant to. And as deep as their regrets may be, it is too little too late, as the spoiler-ific news spreads like wildfire.

Whether it’s candid set photos, interviews with an actor, or even the trailers for the films themselves, making it to theaters uninfluenced by some sort of leak is now pretty much impossible for big blockbuster productions.

Admirable though the attempts to keep everything under wraps has been, one way or another, word has gotten out, and we already know more than the filmmakers would probably like. So let’s explore these spoilers together, and see exactly what’s in store for us this year at the movies.

Also, SPOILER WARNING. Obviously.

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