It’s an exciting time to be a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan. Black Panther is just around the corner and Avengers: Infinity War will arrive hot on the heels of T’Challa and his fellow Wakandans to usher a decade’s worth of successful superhero adaptations towards their endgame.

The epic cosmic slugfest with Thanos is expected to spill over into next year’s mysterious Avengers 4, the movie that will bring Phase Three and its story arc to a close. Although there are future films lined up, such as Spider-Man: Homecoming’s sequel and Captain Marvel, nobody knows what the MCU will look like, post-2019.

Marvel’s plans remain a closely-guarded secret, but the leaks and rumours keep on coming, giving fans a hint or two about what might be coming up. Just for starters, numerous set spoilers spun out of Avengers 4’s production before directorial due the Ruso Brothers wrapped up shooting this week.

Set leaks aren’t the only source providing fans with a glimpse at the MCU’s possible future. News outlets have been peddling rumours about the next films which could be on the horizon, and one or two of them might surprise you…

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