Marvel Comics/Mark Brooks

You don’t have to search far and wide to see that Marvel, for all their critical success, had a fairly infamous 2017. PR disaster after PR disaster eclipsed any comparative buzz that was making its way through the publisher’s books, granting the impression that the year – already set to go down as one of the worst of our time – was unkind to the House of Ideas.

Secret Empires, creator controversies, retailer animosity, fan backlash – there were several of each to name this year alone. That’s not good, especially not for a company like Marvel which, until recently, was largely bossing things when it came to just about every medium out there. DC have managed to pull ahead quite spectacularly just by f—ing up less than the competition, to speak nothing of the considerable quality the publisher boasts week in, week out.

But 2018 is a new year, and to repeat an old cliché, a ‘New Marvel’ can follow it. Marvel Legacy isn’t dead yet, and while the year has already gotten off to a cracking start with yet another controversy, this time curtesy of the ‘Create Your Own’ initiative, things can still be turned around.

Sure, they’ll have a few more resolutions than most, but if change is coming, 2018 could be the year Marvel bounce back.

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