The Fallout series keeps telling us that war never changes, but any sense of repetition certainly isn’t true when it comes fighting for survival across the franchise’s own wasteland. These games offer a different experience every time you start over, with new secrets, Easter eggs and hidden quests on each playthrough.

The radioactive role-playing series has always prided itself on its depth and the unbridled level of freedom, and it’s taken these staples to new heights since Fallout 3 ushered the franchise into 3D territory.

Wasteland wanderers have risen to the challenge of charting every nook and cranny, leaving few blast-ravaged buildings, underground vaults or burnt-out vehicles un-pillaged, but discovering all of its secrets is nigh on impossible.

It would take a short lifetime to overturn every stone in Fallout 4, and that’s without delving into DLC. Even if you’ve explored irradiated Boston to death, the previous games are worth revisiting as there are plenty secrets that slipped under your radar the first time round.

With no concrete Fallout 5 news to chew on just yet, why not return to some of the existing games to discover the content you missed?

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