You already know that technology can have a major impact on your business. But finding the right technology to use, that’s the real thing. For this, it can help to obtain the expertise of other successful business owners. Here’s what some members of the online small business community say about the technological tools they’ve used to grow their business.

Learn how to use automation for your e-commerce business

The execution of an ecommerce business does not have to be difficult. In fact, there are many tools that you can use to automate some of the essential functions of your business. Learn more about e-commerce automation in a recent post by Jeremy Webb.

Attention to these trends in application development

Apps continue to be powerful tools for businesses to market, communicate, and interact with their customers. But the trends related to these applications have changed over the years. Here are some application development trends to keep an eye on this year’s Ravin Lad from Right Mix Marketing.

Use these video content marketing ideas

Video has become an incredibly powerful tool for marketers. If you do not use the format yet because you’re not sure what type of content to create, check out Cloohawk’s Uma Bhat post for ideas. Then see what BizSugar members say about this post.

Starting an Online Business That Lasts

Internet has made starting a business easier than ever. In some cases, all you need is a website or an account on a platform like Amazon. But starting an online business that really lasts can be a little more difficult. A recent article on Abtech Blog contains valuable tips from Abasifreke Etop.

Read about the Google Chrome ads blocker

For companies that advertise online, the new Google Chrome ad blocker is definitely something you should know about. Learn more about the new ad blocker and its impact on your online advertising strategy in this Matt Southern article on the Search Engine Journal.

Integrate local SEO into your existing marketing strategy

Local businesses tend to have low tech strategies as part of their marketing plans. But if you completely ignore SEO and other technologies in your marketing efforts, this could be a mistake. A recent article by Phil Frost on Targeted Marketing contains tips for integrating local SEO into your existing marketing strategy.

Use robotic process automation to save time and money

Robotic process automation is a type of automation that learns processes according to what a human user does. This is something that can potentially benefit many businesses – if you understand how to use it properly. Benjamin Brandall provides a comprehensive guide in a recent post on Process Street.

Follow these laws of mastering content marketing

Content marketing has become one of the most popular online marketing strategies for small businesses. If you are looking to make use of this tactic for your own business, check out some important tips to consider from Jeff Bullas. You can also see what members of the BizSugar community say here.

Instantly create your own eBook for only a few dollars

Becoming an author has never been easier, thanks in part to the online tools and platforms that allow you to quickly publish your own work. In her recent post, Susan Solovic details how you can make your own work available without a huge investment.

Discover these tools Snapchat Analytics

Many marketers and influencers have fled Snapchat in recent months in favor of his rival Instagram. But the app is still popular with teens and now offers some analysis tools that could be beneficial to businesses. Tim Peterson elaborates in a recent post from Marketing Land.

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