Green Lantern In Space
DC Comics

Green Lantern might have absented the spotlight for Justice League, but despite the relative lack of screen time, DC’s premier emerald hero is still one of their most popular.

Boasting a deep and gloried history that has wormed its way into pretty much every facet of pop-culture out there, the Green Lantern Corps are as iconic as they are compelling, replete with a brilliant oath that (without reciting), is obviously one of the best out there.

That being said, there are elements of the character’s past that’ve been brushed under the carpet in recent years. Both on the screen and off, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rainer have all dealt with their fair share of controversies, as well as moments that, through lack of recent exposure, illustrate a tacit desire on DC’s behalf for fans to forget they even happened in the first place.

With a resurgent presence in print and off, Green Lantern is set to come back in a big way going forward. We know not yet what form the Corps will take in the DCEU, but with a massive history to draw from, there are certain elements they’ll most certainly want you to avoid.

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