Gta 6 Vi

Usually I’d start an article like this with, “There are few games like GTA”, but no – there are no games like GTA, and GTA: Online in particular has become a money-making behemoth the likes of which Rockstar has never seen.

GTA: Online continues to make so much money a day (around $5 million) that it actually forced Rockstar and Take Two to reevaluate their post-launch plans. Before their Shark Card microtransaction system was fully in effect, we were set to get single-player DLC – yet once those tickers started shooting up, it was all hands on deck to make content packs.

More on that later, but it stands to reason that GTA as a franchise – as a brand identity – has changed with GTA V. The days of the series being routed in single player, character-backed anarchy are gone, replaced by meeting up with friends and telling stories of your own. Even the cultural positioning of GTA as gaming’s “bad boy” has dissipated, with V’s torture scene receiving nowhere near the same coverage as something like San Andreas’ “Hot Coffee” scandal.

Yes, things were always going to advance with the passage of time, but just where does GTA 6 go from here?

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