Avengers Infinity War Iron Man
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When it comes to releasing a successful movie, the quality of the film itself is really only half the battle. Marketing is key, because first impressions count for a lot, and as so many terrible tentpole calamities have proven over the years, it’s easy to polish a turd into a gorgeous two-minute sizzle reel that blows up the box office.

Thankfully, the majority of these 10 films are actually looking pretty solid so far – or “fun” in the very least – but each also raises a whiff of suspicion over how they’re choosing to present themselves to fans.

From the unexpected characters and events the trailers are focusing on, to some transparent Marketing 101 tricks being pulled out of the bag, these films are most likely setting audiences up for a rug-pull, for better or worse.

Whether the studio is doing it to conceal a big third-act spoiler or to paper over some problematic aspects of their production, you’d be smart to stay on your toes and not just take these 10 movies at their word…

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