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It’s no surprise to anyone that Wesley Snipes, the man who played Blade first back in 1998, is keen on a cinematic revival. Marvel’s preeminent supernatural hero, Snipes’ first two films paved the way for the superhero genre as it now exists. No Blade, no Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And that’s why it’s so surprising that Marvel, despite holding the keys to the Blade bandwagon, have been so reluctant to use the character. Snipes again made noise about a potential reboot just the other week, and Kate Beckinsale herself said that plans for a Blade/Underworld crossover were shelved at the behest of Marvel themselves but a few short years ago.

It’s clear that the House of Ideas aren’t done with the property, but the fact that the project has been kept under wraps surely implies caution on their behalf – and for good reason. There are a whole host avenues to take when resurrecting Blade for a live-action format, and with Marvel boasting a dominant presence on the big-screen and off it, it could be that Blade finds renewal in a TV series of his own.

In any case, the Daywalker is long overdue a cinematic comeback – with Snipes, or without him.

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