Daredevil Born Again
Marvel Comics/Netflix

With The Defenders and The Punisher now out of the way, attentions have already been drawn towards the next big thing: Daredevil’s third season.

Although a second season of Jessica Jones will arrive before Matt Murdock’s third successive solo series, threads established in season two of Daredevil alluded to some pretty hefty themes from the comics themselves, with Wilson Fisk seemingly gearing up for his own, Born Again-style revenge plot against the offices of Nelson and Murdock. Add to that a fractured friendship in Foggy and Matt, as well as the death/resurrection of Elektra in The Defenders, and things aren’t looking all that rosy for ol’ horn-head.

Despite being a character of critical beauty, the fact remains that Daredevil has suffered from some truly depressing (albeit critically revered) material in the past, exemplified in full by Frank Miller’s Marvel-opus, Born Again. It’s a storyline defined as much by its gorgeous art as it is its brutality, and with Joanne Whalley joining Season 3 as Matt’s mother, Sister Maggie, it looks increasingly likely that it’ll inspire at least some of the thematic beats in the character’s latest live action adaptation.

Born Again makes for some grim reading, but it’s also a brilliant comic. Done right, it could make for a truly gripping – and authentic – season of television.

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