Westworld Season 1 was certainly a mind-boggling, plot-twisting, mega-hit of a show, with an excellent cast, beautiful cinematography, and genius writing making it one of the greatest TV shows to reach our screens in 2016.

Over a year since the end of the first season, we finally got another peek into the future of Westworld with the recent release of another trailer for the second season, thanks to the cache of exciting new reveals the Super Bowl always brings.

One thing that made Westworld so gripping was the amount of questions the audience had. What was the maze, who was Arnold, what happened 35 years prior? Thankfully most of those big head-scratchers were answered towards the climax of Season 1.

There are still a few loose ends to tie up however, and with the release of a new trailer, Season 2 looks to be adding on to the never-ending series of questions we want and need answers to.

Logan was the douchey brother-in-law to William, who took Westworld at face value. He didn’t care about hosts or the philosophical questions and impact they had on the world. He just wanted to enjoy what the park had on offer: fun thrills, gunfights, and saloon mistresses.

Season 1 starts with Logan being very much the alpha over William. After Logan put Dolores in danger, however, William breaks out of his shell and by the end, their roles are reversed completely, and in an even worse state.

William has Logan tied up naked on a horse, and sends him off riding into the desert. This would have been plenty for Logan and William to hate each other.

The recent trailer has a brief glimpse of Logan, so we know that Logan will return, but that is still set in the past. What would really be interesting is if we get to see him in the present. Is he still working with Delos? Is he even alive? We’ll soon find out…maybe.

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