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Whenever someone in Hollywood has the audacity to turn to a successful book as the source of a new movie, there’s always a little bit of cynicism from cinephiles bred on years of inferior adaptations that never lived up to the page. It’s probably fair to say that there is some snobbishness around the whole trend, as the fiercely territorial book fans bemoan the unjust dilution of their favourites.

Given the popularity of comic book movies, you’d think there’d be less complaints about what the film-makers have done with established characters and existing arcs, but even the most critically acclaimed and financially successful have been accused of tinkering unnecessarily.

The MCU has obviously taken in many classic Marvel comics stories over the past decade, and while some changes were indeed unnecessary, there were some that genuinely improved what was original written in panels. It might sound like sacrilege, but it’s the truth.

So maybe stop complaining every time someone changes what was in the comics, yeah?

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