Quentin Tarantino Bruce Willis

It’s not controversial to say that the majority of films shovelled out to theatres every year are pretty bad. Making movies is hard, messy work, but there are some directors that are more reliable than others, and their name being attached to a project breeds a sense of confidence that a film should be good.

But not everyone gets it right 100% of the time, and even the most well-regarded directors are prone to dropping a few stinkers now and then. Whether they’ve been around long enough where a couple of duds are inevitable (looking at you Spielberg) or budding new creatives who started out strong and then lost their footing (got your number, M. Night Shyamalan), even the most talented filmmakers are prone to directing movies they’d rather not have on their IMDb page.

However, there’s a small selection of filmmakers – either long retired or still working today – who have never put a foot wrong. Somehow they’ve pulled off the unimaginable and enjoyed a career of constant success, and while some of their work is obviously better than others, they’ve been lucky enough avoid releasing anything that’s outright bad.

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