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For all their achievements in narrative design and experimental, interactive storytelling, on occasion a fan concept is simply… higher. It can provide an explanation for the place a forgotten persona disappeared to, how longstanding rivalries in reality took place, or why a given plot hollow is not in point of fact a plot hollow in any respect.

It can take a personality so slightly fleshed out as Boba Fett and make him legend. In quick, fan theories are the continuation of any assets’s narrative, apart from as an alternative of just a handful of writers, we’ve got were given all of the globe’s populace operating for the remainder of time.

Pretty cool, proper?

Thankfully, we nerds of the arena tend to overthink issues greater than someone else, leading to all method of twists and transformed beliefs in the case of – on this case – gaming’s largest houses.

They vary from darkish to pleasant, and I am beginning with…

14. Batman Makes Harley Quinn Miscarry – Batman: Arkham City

batman arkham city harley quinn

Okay, this one is darkish, however do not fret, it is not a ‘get started the way you imply to head on’-type deal (OR IS IT?!).

The concept is going that during Arkham City, when Harley first seems and fights Batman, she was once pregnant – as is confirmed through easter eggs in the principle recreation, and the Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC. In the marketing campaign, Quinn instantly lunges at Batman when he comes throughout her, just for Bruce to violently counter and slam her down immediately onto her stomach, the place she then lies in ache for slightly a while.

(three:06 at the under video)

The Revenge DLC helps this, appearing the Scarface doll all made up in a crib to constitute a ‘kid Joker’, as many now-negative being pregnant checks muddle the room. In the usual canon, all of it has a tendency to be framed as a mixture of Joker’s demise and the aforementioned ‘false sure’ offering purpose for Harley’s way of thinking, however issue on this concept, and Gotham simply were given an entire lot darker…

batman arkham city harley quinn's revenge scarface