The Walking Dead has reached the midway point of its eighth season and the agonising, two-month wait for more episodes is underway. Late February might not seem far away, but when there are huge cliffhangers to resolve, it’s basically an eternity.

AMC’s hit zombie show left off by condemning a major character to death, while the war between Rick’s alliance and Negan’s Saviours reached a critical point. How this imminent fatality and the rest of the conflict will play out is anybody’s guess. Even the show’s comic source material is only a rough guide with recent deviations in mind.

If you’re desperate for an update about what The Walking Dead’s main cast are up to though, the good news is that you don’t have to rely on AMC for that. Many of the show’s top talent is involved in a number of other projects at various stages of completion.

For lead star Andrew Lincoln, zombie slaying is a full-time job, but many of the series’ supporting actors have found time to shoot a movie or two on the side, and some of them are scheduled to arrive in 2018.

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