Star Wars The Last Jedi Leia

One of the many joys of watching a great movie is being able to ponder what might happen to the characters after the credits roll.

Hollywood being the sequel sausage factory it is these days, it’s safe to say that almost every successful original idea will be spun-off into a franchise, so audiences generally don’t have to wait too long to find out what happened next.

Still, in the case of these 14 films, it’s certainly fun to speculate. Be they merely the latest sequel in an epic cinematic franchise – as most of them are – or relatively original standalone movies, each of these movies left plenty to consider past the bounds of the movie itself.

What happened to the hero next? What about that new villain that was just teased in a post-credits scene? And just how are the chess pieces being arranged for the next inevitable sequel?

It’s all here for fans to read between the lines for themselves, and while the end result could differ in some cases, these are surely the most logical narrative through-lines moving forward…

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