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2017 was a great year and a disappointing year at once for film fans. It was stuffed with blockbusters – both successful and terrible – and threw in some serious curveballs with delightful gems like Get Out, Moonlight, Call Me By Your Name and My Life As A Courgette.

But just as newness seemed to be cherished above tired franchises (at least critically), some things remained dependable. Just as comic book movies sold the most and everyone flocked to everything linked remotely to Disney as usual, the industry’s appetite for sex remained entirely predictable. It’s almost comforting, to be honest, especially as the way sex is being portrayed now – in a lot of cases – is a world apart from what it once was.

It’s smarter, sometimes funnier and often far more realistic than the porn-like nonsense of the past (even if Fifty Shades Darker still did its level best to channel the bad old days), and film-makers are increasingly using it in interesting and weird ways.

That doesn’t mean the awfulness of the Kingsman sequel’s outrageous, disgusting violation sex scene gets a pass though. That was just creepy.

Without giving that any more attention than it deserves, it’s fair to say it wouldn’t ever make it among the best sex scenes from 2017’s movies. But there’s lots to choose from…

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