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Though the primary goal of movie trailers is simply to get as many butts in cinema seats as possible, there’s an undeniable art to assembling a trailer that catches the viewer’s attention and has them obsessively re-watching it in anticipation of said movie’s release.

Often a great trailer can even end up being more effective and well-crafted than the final movie itself – as is the case in at least one instance here – by selling an ideal impression of an end product that can’t begin to live up to it.

These 15 trailers, both for movies released this past year and those still to come, were all extremely effective in conveying each movie’s tone, building feverish excitement and preserving the mystery where applicable.

In an age where the majority of movie trailers spoil too much or give all the best scenes away for free, trailer houses could learn a lot from these 15 superbly-edited, stunningly stylish mini-masterworks…

15. It

No horror movie trailer got under people’s skin quite like the first teaser trailer for Stephen King’s It, released back in March.

The teaser did a fantastic job presenting the newly-styled Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) to the audience without giving too much away (he doesn’t speak in this teaser), while generally focusing more on the new cast of young leads as well as the film’s clear faithfulness to King’s book.

The big scares, namely Pennywise appearing in the sewer, the slide projector scene and the basement sequence, effectively ensured the movie was marketed to all tastes: it had the jumps for the teens, and something a little more psychological and inventive for the adults.

As such it’s little surprise that the trailer racked up an insane 197 million viewers in its first 24 hours, and the movie actually ended up living up to all that hype and excitement.