Rainbow Six Siege

When Rainbow Six: Siege released back in 2015, nobody had any idea that it would become as popular as it is right now. An initially disappointing launch virtually killed the game dead, with a myriad of server issues, a perceived lack of content and a final build which didn’t look anything like the early trailers (probably for the best, that one) led to players writing the shooter off.

In the years since, Ubisoft have completely turned their competitive multiplayer game around. Continuing to release new operators and maps that are totally free (but admittedly cost a lot of in-game dolla), as well as constantly making multiplayer matches more refined and stable, the developers have pulled off the unimaginable and managed to increase their playerbase tenfold, to the point where it’s stronger now three years later than it was at launch.

Consequently, the competitive shooter has amassed a hugely dedicated audience which continues to make Siege a raucous success to this day. While not as recognised as the likes of Overwatch or Counter Strike’s communities, fans of Ubisoft’s opus are just as passionate, active and opinionated, leading to a selection of topics that only they’d understand.

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