When the dust settles on this year’s Oscar ceremony, most of the talk will revolve around whether the right winner won, and just how wrong the Academy got it wrong this time. If it’s going to follow every other year, the answer is probably “quite a lot.”

Snubs are as much a part of the process and the fabric of the Oscars as bloated speeches, expensive dresses and articles about Jennifer Lawrence falling over, but less tends to be said about how often the Academy cheapen their own awards. That’s an inevitability when you hand out “lesser” awards to any old film, despite restricting the number of top nominees.

So the next time the Academy nominates only 8 Best Film candidates to preserve the sanctity of the top award, maybe it’s best if someone points out how little value they’ve placed on their other categories over the years by nominating utter garbage like The Boss Baby…

Nominated For: Best Animated Feature Film

It might be a fairly easy category to get nominated in, but there’s no way The Boss Baby deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Pixar’s beautiful Coco.

It’s dumb, disjointed and painfully limited and the one joke it has runs out of welcome almost straight away.

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