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2017 was arguably one of the best-ever years in the history of the video game medium, and certainly the most stacked 12 months the industry has seen in well over a decade. A new console was launched, some of the generation’s best-ever games were released, and publishers were justifiably placed under more intense scrutiny than ever before.

Naturally, such a busy and exciting year resulted in its share of surprising and unexpected, even WTF-worthy moments, from shock sales behemoths arriving out of nowhere, to disappointing critical flops, heartbreaking cancellations and, of course, a wealth of controversies both big and small.

These 18 gaming news stories were by far the most eye-catching and fervently discussed moments of 2017, for better and for worse, nodding towards both the bright future and dark potential of the industry moving forward.

It’ll take some doing for 2018 to be remotely as memorable a year as this, so before business starts to pick up, cast your mind back over the last 12 months of jaw-dropping, eyebrow-raising gaming moments…

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