The title of the Young Adult genre can be pretty misleading. The genre – which sells millions of books a year – actually attracts fans of any age group. Even if the characters involved are in their teenage years or their early 20s, it doesn’t automatically disqualify others from enjoying their adventures.

Once a YA book becomes a success, it’s almost a given that it will soon be adapted into a movie. These can vary in scale, budget, attention and profits, but nonetheless they’re inevitable once a sales base is established. And thanks to that foundation, they can tend to attract huge acting talents.

People like Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence became household names because of YA franchises and their careers will likely forever be linked to them. But there are some who have appeared in the same movies that aren’t automatically associated with them.

Whether they are already-established stars who joined the fun or they were relative unknowns who have since conquered other things, there have been plenty of talented people to take part in the genre that many people may have forgotten about.

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