Thor Ragnarok Sif
Marvel Studios

2017 was easily one of the best years for comic book movies ever. Even though the number of superhero films hitting cinemas has never been higher, it’s impressive that only one major comic book film flopped with critics and audiences, and otherwise the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Extended Universe and X-Men franchise all turned in highly entertaining new efforts.

However, with each new movie ultimately just being part of a wider universe, there’s clearly the motivation for filmmakers to leave fans with nagging questions after leaving the cinema. Needless to say, every major superhero film released last year – both good and bad – gave audiences plenty to consider.

Are seemingly “dead” characters really gone for good? What do those pesky post-credits scenes really mean? And what does the future hold for these mammoth movie franchises? It’s all to play for, and while not all of these questions will ever get canonical, satisfactory answers, it’s fun to at least to stir the pot and figure out the most likely solutions…

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