With Justice League not receiving the widely-positive reception many hoped it would, the future of the DC Extended Universe – and the statuses of its many gestating projects – is not entirely clear.

It’s been an odd couple of years for the fledgling cinematic universe: with solo Flash and Cyborg movies taking a hit after the response to Batman V Superman, the commercial success of Suicide Squad spawning a handful of potential Harley Quinn movies, and Ben Affleck’s Batman career in serious doubt after numerous public reports, nobody knows what to expect from the DCEU next.

But what we do know is that, over the years, there have been nearly two-dozen projects reportedly “put into development”, including Lobo, Black Adam, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Man Of Steel 2.

But will any of these movies actually see the light of day?

Amidst all this confusion, there are several certainties (like Aquaman) but given the frustrating lack of communication on DC’s part, there’s a giant question mark over most of their 21 evolving projects, so we’ve sifted through them all to try and determine which are closest to hitting the big-screen.

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