What a week that was: two Rumbles, one Rousey, big returns and two hugely popular winners. It wasn’t a flawless PPV by any means, but there hasn’t been as much positivity in the aftermath of a big event like that for a long time. Contrast it with the damp squib that was Raw 25 and it’s miles apart.

Now attention will inevitably turn towards WrestleMania in New Orleans. Plans are already being drawn up and discussed, with Ronda Rousey’s programme into Mania in full focus as well as a leak of the full rumoured card.

On top of that, John Cena’s back to working much more like a full-time schedule in the run-up to the event, there’s talk of the Miz facing Finn Balor in New Orleans and Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley might clash in the PPV’s wake. Big deals all round.

And through it all, the WWE superstars past and present took to social media to share their best selfies, their hardest workouts and their reactions to the Royal Rumble.

This was the week in WWE Instagram…

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