It’s almost time for this year’s second biggest WWE event as the Royal Rumble kicks off in a matter of hours, promising some big moments, even bigger special appearances and the inevitable fan backlash when it’s not 100% brilliant. It’s just the way of the PPV world.

With the shadow of Raw 25’s disappointment still looming large, WWE needs a big win, and the fact that we could see another Undertaker appearance, Ronda Rousey’s belated debut (and possible win) and no doubts lots of casual mentions of XFL all over the place.

Elsewhere, there’s been lots of talk around WrestleMania 34, with ‘Taker/Cena lined up, a monster Miz push towards Mania and Roman Reigns still booked to face Brock Lesnar (despite recent allegations). Plus, Matt Hardy might be going Broken (finally), WWE rights might end up at Amazon and Brock Lesnar could be off to UFC again.

Life in WWE moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. But luckily, the superstars provide ample opportunity to pause for reflection on their social media.

This was the week in WWE Instagram…

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