All-in-all, 2017 was a strange year for WWE, marked by huge successes and crashing low-points as the almost eternal battle with ratings and balancing talent raged on.

We saw the conscious adoption of nostalgia with big returns (inevitably prompting accusations of too many part-timers), we saw new huge stars emerging, major departures and sad disappointments in equal measure. There were definitely too many PPVs, there were definitely too many bad booking decisions and too much focus on provocation in booking over entertainment, but there was also a catalogue of joy.

Champions rose, champions fell and still fans came back to cheer on their heroes and berate their favourite villains. And through it all, the stars increasingly took to social media to post their own behind the scenes shots, sharing successes, breakdowns, revelations, and injuries. That unfiltered platform allowed for some unprecedented access to the biggest names on the roster (as well as those no longer under contract), and inevitably, fans excitedly consumed that content.

But which were the best posts of the entire year? Those heartfelt expressions, stunning selfies, eye-popping injuries and just plain silly stuff that might have changed your perception of them.

This was the best of WWE Instagram in 2017…

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