Stephanie McMahon.

It seems that she does something to raise a snarl – that thing she does when she attempts to smile but fails, through not being a human being – within the wrestling fandom on a weekly basis.

Since returning as a heel in 2013, her effect on the product has done so much to drain the enthusiasm of those watching. That’s when she’s a heel; her character alignment is selective in the extreme. Basically, she turns face whenever there is scope to take credit for the accomplishments of the Women’s roster in her guise as the Rosie The Riveter of pro wrestling. With her constant cries of “First!”, she is, essentially, that absolute goon in the YouTube comments section who thinks that typing five letters the second a video is uploaded is an accomplishment.

That’s more than Stephanie ever did, in all honesty: even more destructive offscreen, Stephanie is responsible for ushering in the eras of scripted promos under the catastrophic misapprehension that failed TV writers know more about getting over than the wrestlers themselves. Ric Flair, Steve Austin, The Rock – they all shot to superstardom using their own words.

But did they ever receive a credit for According To Jim?

And, this week…

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