Think of how often, in WWE, heels get away with being heels. This is especially true of the modern era, in which elusive “heat” is chased with the fervour of a dragon-chasing junkie. On virtually every other programme, a villain wins a match via foul means with no retrospective punishment doled out. Interferences do result in disqualifications, but there’s no suggestion that those who interfere are reprimanded. They’re usually rewarded with a match against the person they’ve just kicked the piss out of.

Think of just how stupid referees are portrayed as at the best of times, even before a Special Referee gimmick match, when they are made to look especially stupid, in order to render an amateur replacement a vaguely realistic prospect. Think of how often, in 2017, heels (The Usos, Alexa Bliss, Kevin Owens) simply walked out of a major pay-per-view match with their title in tow, taking a forfeit via count-out. They weren’t stripped of their titles.

You can basically get away with murder – Roman Reigns almost did – because the rules exist in order to barely exist, in order to write any old rubbish to pad out TV time. Wrestling fiction only works when the rules are enforced.

On SmackDown, where fiction goes to die, WWE just made it up as they went along…

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