With such a long and varied history, it’s highly surprising that Doctor Who has only rarely graced the big screen. In over 50 years, two (non-canon) movies from the 1960s and a mostly subpar TV movie is all there is for fans to sink their collective teeth into.

As the show continues to revel in worldwide success, boasting a heap of awards and a loyal fan base, the show runners continue to drag their feet on the prospect of a movie. Despite recent efforts by Sony and the BBC, there have not yet been any substantial developments, nor many cemented promises for the good Doctor to become a movie star.

This slowness is certainly not unique. Since the show’s inception, numerous cinematic proposals have been pitched and even announced, before being delayed, rejected and ultimately exterminated.

It’s no surprise that many great creative minds have tried over the years to get a film off the ground; the scope of Who is appropriate and the mythology is rich for an awesome, big budget sci-fi spectacle, but it never seems to get past pre-production.

Spearheaded by some surprising names and hindered by a variety of factors, these are the Who movies that never saw the light of day.

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