Red dead redemption 2

As possibly the most anticipated game of 2018, we’re all waiting with baited breath on the next tidbit of news about Red Dead Redemption 2.

Well, ask and you shall receive, as Rockstar have dropped a batch of new screenshots, rolling together everything from gun fights to gorgeous looks at the game’s environment. In a mix of “F**k yeah!” and “…oh”, the game has also been delayed – though we now know it’s locked into dropping on October 26th, 2018. This at least gives us one high-profile release for the latter half of the year, doubling as Rockstar’s first non-GTA release in five years.

Weirdly, other than continually being given scores of screenshots, we know very little about RDR2. There’s new character Arthur Morgan, the fact that it’s a prequel (thereby almost definitely meaning Mr. Morgan isn’t going to be alive by the end), and… that’s about it.

Plenty of details have leaked in regards to playing as a custom group of characters on each mission, there being an emphasis on pulling off heists and swapping over to John Marston at the very end, but we’ll likely have to wait until E3 to see gameplay.

For now, let’s bask in what millions of dollars’ worth of bringing the wild west to life looks like…

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