Vince McMahon is a mad old f*cker.

Not new information, but relevant yet again following a Monday Night Raw main event that drew gasps at its climactic conclusion. Seth Rollins unleashed his first curb stomp in nearly three years, with a slow-motion replay and a brand new name suggesting that seemingly out-of-nowhere, it’s back for good.

This isn’t the first time ‘The Architect’ has been subject to the Chairman’s whims. Only last year did Vince become infuriated with the second of silence in Rollins’ entrance music. The hilarious insertion of a metal singer wailing ‘BURN IT DOWN’ had to be played down by Seth despite shocking the sh*t out of audiences for weeks before it disappeared again.

Getting his finisher back has probably made up for the musical snafu. Rollins’ Pedigree never felt as prestigious as Triple H’s, nor did he ever quite have the requisite bite to knock his foes out with a running knee. He’s not the first to suffer the fate though.

Through various safety concerns, public relations manoeuvres or inexplicable urges, the company has put a halt on particularly severe spots only to reverse their decision down the line. Typically for pro wrestling, the return of a beloved hold or strike often generates a bigger response as a result.

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