braun strowman

Give WWE some set goals with a deadline, and you’ll be
amazed at what can transpire.

Presumably, the company knows basically what it wants its
WrestleMania card to look like, so the writers are spending the two remaining
months building toward that with various matches and angles to set things up.
In some cases, this is working out pretty nicely. In others, you might still
scratch your head.

But with Elimination Chamber just a few weeks away, we saw
several matches Monday night that carried stakes for the upcoming PPV, with two
more slots in the six-man chamber match filled, and it determined who will
enter the match last. We also saw the competitors for the women’s chamber match
announced, though they were simply named rather than having to earn a spot.

We saw Jason Jordan continue his inability to do anything
right. We saw the Revival continue to butt heads with Balor Club. We saw the
women get a lot of screen time, including another solid singles match from
Asuka as she continues her march toward WrestleMania. And we saw a surprise win
in the main event from an unlikely competitor.

With that saw, let’s find out what soared like an eagle and
what crashed and burned. Let’s get to it…

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